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The Sacred in Opera seeks to promote operatic representations of the religious quest through encouraging places of worship, colleges/universities, and communities to expore the dynamic interplay of opera and theology. This combination has long formed a powerful catalyst for spiritual thought. From the emergence of the Quem Quaeritis trope, which heralded the rebirth of theatre after the Dark Ages, the church's role in the development of dramatic and musical representation was pivotal in laying the foundations for modern opera.

Today, opera often provides a spiritual touchstone for audiences who, at times caught unaware, find themselves examining such issues as faith, free will, and humanity's place in the universe. Opera has historically drawn us to questions of faith and shaped our perceptions.

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SIO Award

In 2010, NOA awarded Carl Gerbrandt a Sacred In Opera Award in recognition of his lifetime of dedication to this area.  Sacred Music Drama: The Producer's Guide by Carl Gerbrandt