Technical Suggestions for Video Submissions

Here are some technical suggestions for uploading video:

  • We recommend using YouTube as the video hosting service.
  • When uploading videos to an online service for review by the production competition judges, we recommend that do so under a newly-created account whose name will not identify you or your institution (thereby disqualifying your submission).
  • When uploading a video, choose to make the video "Unlisted" (not publicly searchable), but make sure that your video can be viewed by an unauthenticated user when using your link.  Don't choose "Private" videos, which can only be viewed by selected users, and will therefore not be viewable to the judges.  Make sure to test viewability on a separate computer and/or browser where you are not logged in to the account that uploaded the video!
  • Because full-length opera videos are quite large, you will probably want to upload from your university's network, which likely has a much faster upload speed than most home network accounts.
  • The video link you provide must not require a password to view.

Verifying a new YouTube Account

Note: YouTube enforces a limit of 15-minutes to uploaded videos on newly-created accounts.  To enable uploading of full-length videos, please visit this link:

This page describes the process for verifying your account to remove the 15-minute limit.

Under privacy settings for the video, make sure to choose "Unlisted" so that anyone who knows the video's link will be able to see it, but it won't show up publicly.  See this link for more information about privacy settings: