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Nov 15, 2020 |
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Share What You've Done!

How did you manage to produce opera this semester while thinking "outside the box"? We're celebrating the creativity and resiliency of our members with a conference showcase of video shorts demonstrating the range of approaches undertaken in teaching and producing during COVID.

We invite you to share a sample of your creative work with conference attendees by submitting a 90-120 second video clip describing and showing a project you undertook at your school or university during the Fall semester.  Please include visuals of the project itself or the process you used.  You may wish to include a spoken introduction to explain your process or include a voice-over with still photos or video clip(s).  

Submit your video file (MP4 or MOV format) by Tuesday, December 15 using the link:
The best and most creative clips will be shown during the conference's Opening Ceremonies, and all will be available as a source of inspiration to attendees during the conference.