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Jul 31, 2018 |
sacred_in_opera  |

Summer 2018 Newsletter Words of Welcome: Isai Jess Muñoz, SIO Chair

Welcome to this latest edition of the Sacred in Opera Newsletter. This issue focuses our attention on the works and processes of three living American Composers. We first introduce you to Dr. David Wolfson and his Faith Operas—A formidable collection of four short pieces recently premiered at Hartford Opera. We also take time to highlight the work of three longtime NOA members, composer, Philip Seward and composer-librettist team Bruce Trinkley and Jason Charnesky.

Dr. Seward’s gripping operatic setting of the St. John Passion, pairs historical conventions with experimental music aimed to inform a seraphic soundscape. Trinkley and Charnesky, whose collaborative efforts span nearly three decades, take time to share on their creative process, particularly when working with stories colored by faith and ethics. We applaud these artists, and also congratulate our writers, Casey Robards, Andrea Chenoweth-Wells, and Susan Mcberry.

It’s been encouraging to receive messages and materials from so many colleagues around the nation interested in serving and engaging with the SIO community. We are always interested in hearing from potential contributors, and we have drawn up a few points on why and how our web-based format might just be one of the best high-impact publications to showcase your ideas and projects related to opera at interplay with the ideologies of world religions. Please take a moment to read through notes on our Editorial Board.  The SIO Committee has refined our language on peer reviewed article submissions.

Looking to the future, we encourage you to visit the New Events Page on the NOA website where you will find information on our three upcoming regional conferences happening this Fall. There, you may also register for the 2019 NOA Annual Conference in Salt Lake City Utah (January 2-5, 2018). This year’s Sacred in Opera Plenary Session, alongside all other conference events focused on this year’s theme, Pioneering the Future of Opera, will feature outstanding artists and teachers with topics and perspectives aimed to strengthen your work in our field.

As always, we hope that this newsletter serves to inspire and renew your faith in all that good ol' opera can do in today’s world.
Dr. Isai Jess Muñoz
The Sacred in Opera Initiative of the NOA
Chair and Senior Editor