The Opera Journal, the scholarly journal of The National Opera Association, is published yearly in March, June, September, and December. Articles to be considered for publication are accepted year-round. Subject matter may focus on any aspect of opera, including the following:

a) specific operatic works

b) operatic composers

c) the teaching of the operatic art (vocal technique, movement, acting, etc.)

d) specific opera directors, singers, conductors, costume designers, or set designers

e) aspects of opera direction and design

Articles submitted for consideration should adhere to the following guidelines:

a) Articles should be single-spaced.

b) Articles should use endnotes and NOT footnotes.

c) Arial 12 is the font that should be used.

d) Use only one space following a period.

e) All charts, score examples, and pictures must be in PDF format so the size can be adjusted if necessary.

f) Each score example and picture must be cited with an endnote.

g) Length of articles will vary depending on subject matter and writing style. In general, articles should be between 10 and 25 pages long.

h) Authors should include a short bio with their submission.

i) Music examples that make up more than 5% of the work from which they are taken require permission from the publisher to reproduce. All required letters of permission must accompany the author's submission to the journal. The sources for all music examples must be cited correctly in an endnote.

Articles should be submitted to the editor preferably via email. If this is not possible, please submit the article on CD via regular mail:

Bonnie Cutsforth-Huber
130 Misciagna Performing Arts Center
Penn State Altoona
3000 Ivyside Park
Altoona, PA 16601
Phone: (814) 949-5641