2014 Pledge Letter

January, 2014

If you are a NOA Member, then you should have received a letter from me in January concerning the board’s decision at the mid-year meeting to try a pledge drive for 2014-2016 instead of sending a fund raising letter out each year concerning the Capital Campaign. NOA’s goal is to raise $30,000.00 over the next three year period. We have targeted two specific new projects that the organization has decided are worthy. One of these projects we have already instituted which is the Opera Director Summer Internship Program and the other is a new project, the Young People’s Opera Composition Competition.

We are hoping that you as a member would be willing to make a three year pledge. If either of the two afore-mentioned projects excites you, then we hope that you will be willing to make a three year pledge that will allow them to flourish. We realize that many of you have other areas that you would feel more comfortable in supporting. If that is the case, then we are hopeful that you will be willing to make a three year commitment. You may choose to support an endowment or you may choose to support another program.

Belonging and supporting NOA has helped me tremendously in the academic arena. That is one of the reasons that I feel so committed to this organization, and I feel the necessity to give back to its projects. I hope you will consider what NOA has done for you as an artist, singer, director, conductor, designer, instrumentalist, musicologist, or educator, and decide to give what you feel that you can afford in helping NOA continue to thrive.

Carol Ann Modesitt, Treasurer

Chair Capital Campaigns

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