Goldovsky Foundation

The Goldovsky Foundation of the National Opera Association was granted full authority to preserve, publish, and copy Boris Goldovsky's books, editorials, tapes of Metropolitan Opera broadcasts, and scores, as a means of preserving the legacy of one of the most influential opera directors and educators of the 20th century. Following several years of work, the trustees have disbanded, assigning the maintenance of the foundation's assets to the NOA Board of Directors. The funds will be used to support the legacy of Boris Goldovsky, especially in pursuit of excellence in opera stage direction.

The on-going purposes of the foundation are:

  • To perpetuate the search for new and effective ways to educate opera directors, singers, conductors, and producers
  • To promote the publication of the works of Boris Goldovsky and to seek and publish worthy materials to enlarge the body of literature contributing to the general knowledge of opera
  • To make available to interested institutions and opera producing organizations known experts to direct seminars or otherwise provide specific aid in techniques of staging, conducting, production, performance, and curriculum
  • To develop artists who will produce operatic performance worthy of the composer.

The foundation initially hoped to make Mr. Goldovsky’s reduced orchestrations available. Unfortunately, the surviving copies are in such fragile condition that the trustees determined it would be cost-prohibitive to restore them.

Boris Goldovsky Excellence in Opera Award Recipients

1999 Tony Randall
Bernie Dobroski
Davarieste Curry
2006 Fred Popper
2008 Flora Laney Thornton

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