Special Initiatives

Major activities of the NOA include the encouragement of young artists and composers through competitions and performance opportunities, sharing resources for collegiate and regional productions, and publication of scholarly articles. Special initiatives of the NOA include:

Samuel Ramey, 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award
Samuel Ramey
2015 Lifetime Achievement Award

  • NOA Lifetime Achievement Awards
    The NOA recognizes the sustained and significant achievements of those who have dedicated their lives to opera by bestowing the NOA Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • NOA Stage Director Internship Program
    A competitive program for stage directors near the beginning of their professional careers. Application deadline for the 2015 cycle is March 15, 2015. Please read the internship guidelines for more information.
  • The Legacy Project
    The National Opera Association recognizes the importance of ethnic and racial diversity in professional opera. The Legacy Project of the National Opera Association is established to achieve that goal by recognizing the contributions of those who have led progress toward that goal, and to assist, through career development grants, those who demonstrate potential to advance the goal.
  • The Sacred in Opera
    The Sacred in Opera seeks to promote operatic representations of the religious quest through encouraging places of worship, colleges/universities, and communities to expore the dynamic interplay of opera and theology. This combination has long formed a powerful catalyst for spiritual thought. From the emergence of the Quem Quaeritis trope, which heralded the rebirth of theatre after the Dark Ages, the church's role in the development of dramatic and musical representation was pivotal in laying the foundations for modern opera.

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