2013 Pledge Letter

As Chair of the Finance Committee for the National Opera Association, I am once again soliciting funds for our 2013 Capital Campaign. The money we have been raising helps to finance many of the projects that the Board and the members of NOA deem necessary to keep the organization vital and flourishing. NOA continues its mission in the promotion of opera, opera performance, and opera pedagogy. This organization serves large and small colleges and universities, small companies, directors, students, composers, librettists, singers, and scholars, and has made a commitment to helping collaborative pianists, and designers.

We are fortunate to have the endowments that support our organization, and we encourage members to contribute to these endowments, but we also have many new projects that we have launched, such as the

  • Opera Director Internship Program
  • The Opera Scenes Competition
  • Helping Opera Workshops
  • Collaborative Artists Projects
  • As you know we have designed a tiered system of giving. Your membership in NOA doesn’t supply the organization with enough money to fund the projects that NOA sponsors. The Board wants to keep the membership dues reasonable, and has decided that a yearly Capital Campaign can help the organization to fulfill its mission and allow these projects to be successful. I am writing you again this year in the hopes that you will make a contribution to the organization. Remember also that any contribution to the organization is tax deductible. We will be recognizing the individuals who give to the campaign in the NOA Notes and also in the upcoming convention brochure as we did this year, but we have decided to invite you to contribute in the name of someone who was a teacher or mentor that you would like to recognize with your gift. And we in turn will recognize them as well in NOA Notes and in the Conference Program.

    There are many ways that we as individual members can pool our resources and keep NOA strong and thriving, especially in our current economic situation. Remember that every penny adds up, and if you have ideas for a specific project not mentioned here that you would like to see targeted for funding, please contact us. Attached you will see areas that you may be interested in funding. I can guarantee that you will find it rewarding, and we’d like to know of any new ideas that you might have.

    Carol Ann Modesitt, Chair Finance Committees

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